I can see a liiiittle light.

May 4, 2015

I can see some light.

It took about 8 months, but I am finally seeing the light. Our son Kash has really given us a run for our money. Of course we wouldn’t change a thing. Well, I would love my sleep back. Notice I said I…my hubs can sleep through a hurricane. So I get up with our son…not once or twice, but normally three times a night. I even did the Ferber method which helped a little, but for some reason Kash can’t seem to sleep through the night without a peep. We are getting there. He does give us some good nights. I only had to get up with him at 1am and 6am last night- which is a great night for me! Not looking for sympathy. I know a lot of moms are going through this too. It’s part of it, right? Welcome to parenthood. We signed up for this, willingly with eagerness.

I spoke with a lady yesterday who mentioned using Valerian root. I researched it and saw that it was a sedative. Hmmm a sedative for my baby? I don’t know about this. But the lady insisted it wasn’t harmful. I
was just curious if anyone out there has tried it? Thoughts?

I am going to use it for myself to see the effects. If anything it might help ME sleep better- ha! Nothing worse than staring at a monitor all night.


Time: where has it gone?

Apr 25, 2015

It is so crazy to me how fast time is flying. I know you all feel the same way, but when I didn’t have a child I was able to at least put a big dent in my to-do list. Now I can’t get anything done. The sad part is…I only have one child. I can’t even imagine two. Two months have gone by and my blog stinks. No updates. So much to write and post about, but no time. How do people do it? I was feeling a little sassy today and needed to vent. Hello? Anyone out there?

Ok, mama needs to get her groove back.

Blue Apron is my new best friend.

Feb 20, 2015

Ok, yeah, so I am not a wonderful cook. I’ll admit it. As much as I reaaaally want to be, it has just never been my thing. I’ve tried and tried and tried. However, I just stuck with the basics (because I knew it was somewhat edible)…like grilled chicken, baked chicken, boiled chicken…oh and pulled chicken in the crockpot! (Da bomb, btw).

I started following this company on Instagram called Blue Apron. I thought I would get some easy recipes to try, but quickly found out it is not like that at all. This company sends you ALL the ingredients…I am talking about ALL the ingredients, including the butter! Yes ma’am! They leave no room for error. The directions even show pictures of each step. I am on my second week with this company and it has really changed up our dinner routine. I am learning new meals, new ingredients I have never heard of (kind of embarrassed to admit this) and my husband is shocked daily. He cannot get over the fact I just made this fancy, yet easy meal. It was too good not to share! Highly recommend it.


That moment I felt like a real mom.

Feb 3, 2015

Every mom needs a breather, right?

I think we all deserve a break and in the end it will help us to be better parents. That is just my opinion. I’ll admit it, it is hard trying to be a jack of all trades…house cleaner, cook, handy woman, trying to get back to work, fit in time at the gym (when all you really want to do is sleep) and take care of a baby. Yes, I signed up for this and I am loving it, honestly. :)

However, I signed Kash man up for what is called ‘Mother’s Morning Out’ at a local Church. It is only three days a week, but it will allow for a much needed break. A time where I can catch up on a few things.

Monday was his first day…and I felt like a real mom. As I walked into the auditorium looking for his classroom, I was surrounded by other moms and kids. I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that I was there to drop off MY kid. It was a morning of mixed emotions…excitement, nervousness, anxiety, relief. I was more excited for him to be able to interact with babies his age. He didn’t even realize I left the room. The moment he saw another baby sitting there, he started growling (that is the way he communicates these days) with excitement and kicking his legs. My husband Rick even wanted to be there to drop him off. He was more like the girl in the relationship. He wouldn’t leave the room and wanted to take a hundred pictures of Kash. I even had to grab his arm and pull him away as we left. Haha! Got to love him!

Kash survived his first day of school…or shall I say I survived. blog10I was so excited to come around the corner and see his face when he saw mommy. But he was sound asleep in the crib when I walked in. Go figure! We go back Wednesday. Guess I am a real mom now. :)