Quick, easy, fast and….hot!

Jan 20, 2015

Did I get your attention?! Sooo we all have crazy busy schedules and it is tough to make time to cook. At least for me that is. I really want and NEED some new easy, fast meals to make. I have gotten caught up making the same stuff that even my husband has said, ‘No more chicken tonight, please’. And I am thinking…well um, at least I am cooking! When is the last time you pulled out a pan? Are you sensing some resentment here? :)

New year. New recipes. Send them my way! Now understand I am not a susie homemaker…I am not that savvy in the kitchen. In need of some basics. Purdy, please!

New Year, New Resolutions

Jan 7, 2015

And writing more in the blog is one!! But I know writing about baby stuff can get boring…more to come. Thanks for stopping in!

How is Kash already 5 months old??

Dec 20, 2014

It is so crazy how fast time is flying. Everyone said once you have kids the months and years seem to zoom by. It is so true. It feels like yesterday I was at the hospital in labor with this little dude.

He has really turned our world upside down (in a good way). He was a fussy newborn, but the past two months he’s really come to life. His personality is coming out…and we see a temper on our hands! He gets so frustrated if he can’t reach something or get it in his mouth. He is teething like crazzzzy. And already has his bottom left tooth sprouting. I am still nursing, and I told myself I wold stop once teeth came in the picture. But honestly, I have grown to love nursing my son. Now ask me again, if he ever bites down! I ain’t got time for that. :)

I am still sleep deprived. He doesn’t sleep through the night….still! He might give me a few hours in the beginning, but then he likes to get up about every hour and a half…YES, you heard me right. Once I am a zombie around 4am, I put him in the bed with me. I know, I know, HUGE no-no…but at this point, it is all about survival. I need rest and so does he. I will probably try the crying out method once he hits 6 months. I am not looking forward to that. But I need to somehow keep my sanity. I feel like I am a walking zombie. I haven’t sleep through the night since before he was born. It WILL get better, that is what I keep hearing! I am not complaining, I am so happy and blessed to be his mom. It is by far the best gift I have ever received. When I hear his voice, coos, laughs and watch him smile, my heart melts. Completely melts. He is my everything.

Work it.

Dec 11, 2014

imageAhhh it felt so nice to get back to work! It was definitely hard leaving my little man for so long, but it was needed. Getting away and having adult conversation without spit up on my shirt was refreshing.

It was tough to get out the door though. Deep down you feel like no one else can take care of your child the way you do. However, I realized it was beneficial for the both of us. It is good to introduce new people into their life. I think it helps them socially.

Plus when I returned I valued the time with my son more.

I have to tell you…I missed putting on makeup and feeling human again!