How many times can one go to the park?

Jul 28, 2015

I never knew how much I loved a park until a baby, now toddler came into my life! We didn’t take him a lot when he was first born obviously. How many newborns do you see with their hands up flying down the slide? Now that would be a sight!

Since Kash man has gotten bigger, we tend to end up at the park weekly. I am so grateful for these spaces. The little playgrounds geared for youngsters, food, a nice little picnic table, fresh air and most of all, other parents and kids. You don’t feel like a fish out of water when your child decides to get a little ornery. We are all in this together, right?


Here are a few pictures from our picnic on Sunday. He doesn’t smile on que…I mean hello, there are ants and bugs to look at!kashpark

Has it really been a year?

Jul 25, 2015

I feel as though I start a lot of my blogs off by talking about time. (Well I guess I can’t say “a lot” since I’ve been majorly slacking in the blogging department.) But time. Time is so precious. I have always tried to live in the moment, appreciate the moment and stay present. However, this past year, my focus has been time.

Let’s just say that this time last year when I was home with a newborn, that was fussy and I was a new mom, I was wanting time to speed up. I hate to even admit that. Yes when he was sleeping, and not crying hysterically I could embrace the moment. All I heard was, give it time, he will grow out of it. So I would count the weeks. I have 12 weeks until he should grow out of this fussiness. Wait, what? Twelve weeks?? I felt guilty for wanting the time to pass. It’s funny what a crying baby will do to a hormonal woman. Good googily moogily! There were days I wanted to put his little tail back in. Kidding! Sort of.

So time did pass and sure enough it got better. I hate to even talk about the negative when it comes to a newborn. They really are blessings and we’re so humbled to have our son Kash in our lives. But this is reality.

This past year has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. Watching a baby grow in the first year is something pretty remarkable. To see his personality come out, take his first steps, hear his first word (which was ma-ma, btw! Yeaaaah baby!) It truly has been amazing to witness and be part of. Now looking back, where has the time gone? Has it really been a year?

photo cred: Bailey Smith Photography


I can see a liiiittle light.

May 4, 2015

I can see some light.

It took about 8 months, but I am finally seeing the light. Our son Kash has really given us a run for our money. Of course we wouldn’t change a thing. Well, I would love my sleep back. Notice I said I…my hubs can sleep through a hurricane. So I get up with our son…not once or twice, but normally three times a night. I even did the Ferber method which helped a little, but for some reason Kash can’t seem to sleep through the night without a peep. We are getting there. He does give us some good nights. I only had to get up with him at 1am and 6am last night- which is a great night for me! Not looking for sympathy. I know a lot of moms are going through this too. It’s part of it, right? Welcome to parenthood. We signed up for this, willingly with eagerness.

I spoke with a lady yesterday who mentioned using Valerian root. I researched it and saw that it was a sedative. Hmmm a sedative for my baby? I don’t know about this. But the lady insisted it wasn’t harmful. I
was just curious if anyone out there has tried it? Thoughts?

I am going to use it for myself to see the effects. If anything it might help ME sleep better- ha! Nothing worse than staring at a monitor all night.


Time: where has it gone?

Apr 25, 2015

It is so crazy to me how fast time is flying. I know you all feel the same way, but when I didn’t have a child I was able to at least put a big dent in my to-do list. Now I can’t get anything done. The sad part is…I only have one child. I can’t even imagine two. Two months have gone by and my blog stinks. No updates. So much to write and post about, but no time. How do people do it? I was feeling a little sassy today and needed to vent. Hello? Anyone out there?

Ok, mama needs to get her groove back.