Patiently. Impatiently waiting.

Jul 16, 2014

Well we’ve been through a super moon, hurricane and flash flood thunderstorms and it still didn’t have the gravity to get this baby out. He’s already stubborn like his mom and dad. It has been a long week, I can’t even lie. I’ve been trying so hard to stay positive and hopeful, but at times it gets a little discouraging. I’m five days past my due date. Which some of you are thinking ‘that’s nothing, I went two weeks!’. You’re right, it’s really not that bad. It is just that majority of the pregnancy I was told he was measuring a few days to a week ahead schedule. So mentally I wasn’t prepared to be pregnant this long. Luck me, huh? I feel bad having the sliiiiightest complaint because I’m so blessed to be able to even have a child, when I know there are people out there desperately trying to conceive. I guess what I’m really asking for is prayers. As I sit in my bed at 4:30am, unable to sleep. Which has become a normal thing these days..poor hubby, ha! I am asking you to send prayers, good vibes, baby inducing pixie dust, whatever it may be…please send my way. My doctors will let me go two weeks past my due date, but I’m hopeful he’ll signal he’s ready before then. My body has made progress and is ready to get this show on the road…but it is very clear I’m not in control. This little man is already keeping his mom on her toes! And reminding her she is not in charge. I think Rick secretly likes it. Kidding! It is just very hard to be patient when I’m so damn excited to meet him. Sunday night I even went into false labor having contractions from 11pm to 3:30am…after we spoke with the doctor, who said to come on in, the contractions tapered off. Well of course they did, I know this bambino was giggling the whole time. Good thing is, my body is signaling and making progress. Any day now! I’m hoping my body will go into labor on its own. Yet, it is very clear to me I need to let go and let it be, because hell, he’s coming out one way or another! I just hope he’s not already talking has has teeth by then. ;) Thank you all for the uplifting comments and messages…it means the world to have that kind of support. Now send me some baby inducing vibes…just no castor oil! Cheers. xo

Pregnancy pillows are da bomb.

Jul 1, 2014

I’d never heard of the pregnancy pillow until one of my girlfriends brought hers on a trip. She was in her seventh month of pregnancy, so it was essential. It was love at first sight. These pillows are like rafts. They wrap around your head and legs…like a u shape. I thought to myself, if I ever get pregnant in this lifetime that is going to be my first purchase. I will have an excuse to own one. I’m a pillow fanatic anyway. I sleep with one at my head, while I have a body pillow on each side of me. I’m tucked in like a cocoon. I know you’re thinking, poor Rick, huh? Welcome to the married life! When it’s time to get some shut eye, I need my space. :)

So I’ve had this pillow, basically since the moment I found out I was pregnant. However, sometimes in the middle of the night, if I turn on my other side (You can only sleep on your sides at this stage in the game…it is horrible!) Rick will steal my pillow when I turn from him. Yes stolen. He is the pillow snatcher. He throws his arms and legs over it and eventually we are wrestling with this darn pillow. I yell at him every morning for being a thief in the middle of the night. He keeps saying how much he loves this pillow and he wants one for himself. I refuse to have two of these over sized rafts in our bed. I promised him my pillow once the pregnancy is over…fair enough, right? Here is where it gets good. We’re at the baby store the other night just picking up some last minute things, when we finally get to the check out line. As I am piling up a few things on the counter, the employee scans a pillow behind her she is holding for someone. I immediately tell her that is not ours, when Rick pipes in and says, ‘yes it is’. With the biggest smile you’ve ever seen. First off, these pillows are expensive! We don’t need TWO of them! But if you’ve ever met Rick, he is persistent. He got what he wanted. We left with the pillow, while I just laughed and shook my head all the way home. Now it looks like there are two pregnant women sleeping in our bed. Please tell me someone else’s partner has done this?!

Maternity Shoot {Out on the Farm}

Jun 26, 2014

maternity-shoot10maternity-shoot9maternity-shoot8maternity-shoot7maternity-shoot6maternity-shoot4maternity-shoot3maternity-shoot2maternity-shoot1It was on my to-do list. A maternity shoot, nothing too intricate, I just wanted a few pictures I could have in my memory bank. I knew Rick wasn’t up for it, he doesn’t do well ‘on set’. Last time we took pictures for our engagement shoot, I had to entice him with a six pack of beer. He gets a little nervous and awkward in front of the camera. He never knows what to do with his hands…it is kind of cute. So he didn’t want any pictures of him this time. No biggie, just not his thing. So I thought I would at least get one of the belly and me. However time has flown by and all of a sudden I am at week 37 with no pictures. I dismissed the idea of it. Thinking that I didn’t need any, I have plenty on my iPhone…we should be good with those, right? But maybe not…what if this is my only pregnancy? What if this is the only time I experience this in life? Ok, Monica get some pictures, so you won’t regret it! As I am walking on the treadmill I get this epiphany and decided to send an email to my dear friend and talented photographer, Lucy Randall with Smitten And Hooked. The thing is, I only had one free day… and it so happened to be the following day. I am a moron. Who requests a photo shoot the day before? Oh, me. Yes I am crazy to even ask that. Plus, I knew in the next two weeks, I was going to blow up like a balloon, because the process had already started. The last few weeks when the baby is fattening up, well you are too. Oh goodie, just go ahead and bring on the ice-cream!

Thankfully Lucy knows me and knows how out there I can be, so she didn’t even think twice and it so happened she was available!! She picked this beautiful horse barn in the country that was perfect. It was exactly what I had imagined. Barefoot, pregnant, natural, outdoorsy…and it was a plus horses lived there too! We pulled in around 7am where there was still dew on the ground, it was very still and sun was peeking through the trees. We entered the farm and the horses immediately ran over to us. Even though I think horses are most beautiful creatures, it was a little unsettling seeing a herd of horses gallop towards us as we’re trying to take pictures. They approached us, smelled us, we petted them and then boom, we were friends! There are a few shots she got with the horses in the background that I am dying to see! But I wanted to share a few maternity pictures, thanks to Smitten And Hooked. You’ll have to check this team out…it is a husband/ wife team and they’re the coolest! Easy to work with and make you feel so comfortable.

What NOT to say to a pregnant woman.

Jun 22, 2014

Once we got pregnant I kept hearing that I’ll have strange encounters while pregnant. And I thought ‘yeah, yeah’. But it’s true. On the flip side, it has brought back hope in me that there are still good people in the world. During pregnancy, I’ve had the best conversations with strangers. The conversation starter is always, “so when are you due?”…then it proceeds to them telling me about their experience. Which I don’t mind. It is nice listening to people’s advice, because everyone is different, has a different story and I realize I have to take it with a grain of salt. Pregnancy has been great because people will hold the door for you, let you use the restroom before them…it goes to show that there caring people out there.

However, there have been those moments where people say the dumbest thing. Haven’t they heard you don’t say certain things to hormonal, big bellied, pregnant woman?! For example, and I’ll apologize ahead of time for going on a rampage, but I feel it’s necessary. Or if anything I feel better for releasing this energy out of my system. World peace, right? ;) At this point I could karate chop a person in the throat next time they want to comment on how big I’ve gotten. Yesterday I walk into the chiropractor for a visit, I’ve had major back issues during this pregnancy, and I haven’t seen the doctor in about three weeks. As I am signing in, he comes around the corner and says ‘Whoa someone has gotten big’. My initial reaction was to give him a smart ass answer, but of course I just smiled, rubbed my belly said, ‘yep, only three weeks’. The lady in line behind me gasped and stated, ‘oh my, for a moment I thought he was talking to me?!’. I mean, I know it was a harmless statement, but it is still NOT cool….at all. Who says that?! Or maybe I am just sensitive about the subject.

Oh and I can’t forget a family friend who walked up to me and said, ‘Hey Miss Chubby!’…then proceeded to give me a hug. All I could do was say hello and act like she just didn’t say that. What is wrong with people?! I never have a good come back either…I just let it roll off and act like it didn’t happen. I guess at the end of the day it is not worth it. But it makes me feel better to get it out in writing. I am sure other pregnant women can relate. These are just two examples out of a dozen rude things people have said. Yet, in their eyes and to their defense I really don’t think they mean any harm…they may just not know better? Giving them the benefit of the doubt. Well, if you’re reading this and you’re one of those people…just food for thought…don’t make a comment on how big a pregnant woman is. You never know how your body is going to respond to pregnancy. Our bodies are all different and beautiful. Creating a child is the most beautiful thing in the world. Please don’t belittle a person who is with child. Ok, that is all. I feel better now. Time for ice-cream….let’s add on the chub! :)